Saturday, August 29, 2009

I got an email last week from these Spanish guys who came across my Animation short The Knock. They were complimenting me on it and wanted to include it on an online international Animation Festival thing.
That was pretty cool as it is now 10 years old. Check out the Retrospective animation selection for The Knock and The Joys of Spring. I found it cool seeing the details in Spanish

Sinopsis: Basado en hechos reales. Una mujer moribunda reza para juntarse de nuevo con su hijo desaparecido al cual no ha visto desde que su barco se hundió en la Primera Guerra Mundial.

Sinopsis: Período de consumo de un estudiante toma un extraño giro cuando un poco de cerveza cae en algunos dientes de león.

Thanks a million to all the crew at

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dean Kelly- Camera Man "Just ask me"

My good friend and long time collaborator mister Dean Kelly D.O.P. Camerman and Photographer, has an interview in this weeks Leinster Leader.
Deano has worked with me on Eamon Mulvihill- Fly with me
The Gudmen-DrUnK 'n; DiSoRdErLeE, forthcoming "Just Ask me" as well as filming a load of The Gudmen gigs back in the day.
Go buy it, or click on the photograph for the web link.
You can contact him
Under the Shadow Productions.
Tel: 087 7935098.