Saturday, October 23, 2010

Eamon Mulvihill - 15 Horses Animated Music Video in HD

Here is Eamon Mulvihills latest video for the first single, 
from his second album of the same name  15 Horses.
Eamon Mulvihill -15 Horses.

Below is the previous Video I did for Eamon's "Fly with Me" single in 2006.

Eamon Mulvihill - Fly with Me (2006) from David Butler on Vimeo.

Kildare County Fire Officer Retires

Above is a recent commission I did for the lads from Naas Firestation for their Chief Fire Officer
on his retirement.There are various Jokes and stories of the various Stations capture in the painting.
Original Acrylic on paper 24" x 20"

Friday, September 3, 2010

Eamon Mulvihill - 15 Horses

Here is some artwork I have been working on for Eamon Mulvihills latest video for the first single, from his second album of the same name Eamon Mulvihill -15 Horses.
Here are  some examples of some concept artwork for the Single or Album cover.
They will more than likly be the single artwork,
as it probably wouldnt represent the album very well.

A sugested back cover which uses a map which is fairly significant in the video. I thought it would make a great template for the track listing of the album?

Same artwork but diffferent composition:
The artwork is taken from the animation used in the video. 
All Illustrated with Flash CS4 Vector graphics.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Niall Boyle - Walk Together HD

"Walk Together" single by NIALL BOYLE. Taken from the album 'GENERATION GAME'.
Download on iTunes from the following link!!!!

Directed by David Butler
Written and Recorded by Niall Boyle
Recorded by Dave McCune
Mastered by the multi Grammy winning Bob Katz

 Here is Niall performing the song live on Balcony TV.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kildare Derby Festival Art Exhibition

Kildare Town Derby Festival Art Exhibition Launch
Aras Bhride, Parish Center Kildare.
Monday 21st June 7pm – 9pm Free Adm.

Art Exhibition June 2010 Free Adm.
Aras Bhride, Parish Center Kildare.
Launch Mon 21st 7pm – 9pm  
Tues 22nd – Thurs 24th 9am- 9pm
Closing Fri 25th 9am – 6pm

Monday, June 7, 2010

Waldorff and Statler

Here are two Muppet's Waldorff and Statler that I was commissioned to do a bit earlier on in the year.
They are two separate paintings completed at the same time. They are designed to go together on a wall


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sonnor and Dolly

Hi all,
Its my Grandad Thomas "Sonnor" Carter 20 Anniversary this Sun June 6th. This Painting is in his memory.
 The woman is my Granny Dolly. Still going strong. RIP Grandad.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fionn Mac Cumhaill - Animated Tales of the World

This is the first thing I worked on after leaving College. Produced by Moving still Productions in 2000 for S4C and Channel Four.
Paper rendering hand drawn Animation, Coloured in Pastels.
Directed by  Tim Fernée & Voice direction by Art O’Briain and Produced by Susan Denehey

It stars Victor Burke as Fionn and David Kelly as Finnegas.   Also stars Hilary Cahill, Nuala Hayes, Eamonn Hunt, Deirdre Molloy
It tells the story of the Salmon of Knowledge and how Fionn became the leader of the Fianna..

Character designs were done by PJ Lynch.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nellie Rants "Shopping" Animatic

Above is an Animatic of a short Animated film I have in Pre-Production. It will be a stop motion Animated film
Starring the lovable Mrs. Nellie Murphy and written  by Órla Mc Govern.
I am also delighted to have Sharon O' Neill on board to help design and make the various costumes and sets.
I have applied for Kildare County Council Film Bursary funding for this Project.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Gudmen + Special Guests Sat March 20th

The Gudmen
Kildare and Mullingar Hip Hop Act
An Irish Hip Hop act comprising of two MC’s (vocalists) and one producer/ DJ. The band built up a steady fan base via the internet, numerous live shows including The Oxegen Festival 2006, supporting Republic of Loose and main stream radio and TV appearances .

The band then split up in 2007. But are back for one night @ The Phoenix Venue

Also featured on the night will be a special screening of "Just Ask Me". The short film written by and featuring Allan Clarke (Ay Cee) & directed by long term Gudmen associate David Butler. The director behind The Gudmen's "Why?!" "Drunk & Dizorderlee" & "Introducing..." music videos.

Special Guests
Pee and Lee (as featured on Podge and Rodge Show)
Dego aka Declan Gorman (from Speaker Boy Records)
Dr. Stu and The Salads ( Performing the LUAS RAP as featured on Podge and Rodge Show, Oxegen Festival 2008)
Gig also features the Legendary DJ Lee from Zig and Zag's - 2 Phat, and Producer behind Des Bishops- Leim Thairt (Jump Around as gaeilge).