Thursday, December 12, 2013

Shackleton Expedition Reference

Antarctica Fact File

Quick Antarctic Statistics
1.4 x bigger than the USA
58 x bigger than the UK
1.8 x bigger than Australia
13,829,430 km25,339,543 miles2
Ice-free area
(0.32% of total)
44,890 km217,330 miles2
Largest Ice ShelvesRoss ice shelf:(about the size of France)
 Ronne-Filchner ice shelf:(about the size of Spain)
439,920 km2
169,850 miles2
MountainsTransantarctic Mountain chain:
3,300 km
2,050 miles
 Highest 3 mountains:
Mt. Vinson - 4,892 m / 16,050 ft
(sometimes called "Vinson Massif")
Mt. Tyree - 4,852 m / 15,918 ft
Mt. Shinn - 4,661 m / 15,292 ft
IceAntarctica has 70% of all the world's freshwater frozen as ice - and 90% of all the world's ice.

1,829 m / 6,000 ft
Mean thickness East Antarctica:
2,226 m / 7,300 ft
Mean thickness West Antarctica:
1,306 m / 4,285 ft
Maximum ice thickness:
4,776 m / 15,670ft

Lowest point - Bentley subglacial trench,depth below sea-level
2,496 m / 8,188 ft
M km3 - Million cubic kilometresVolume
25.4 M km3 / 6.09 M miles3
Grounded ice sheets
24.7 M km3 / 5.93 M miles3
Ice shelves:
0.7 M km3 / 0.17 M miles3
Peninsula ice:
0.1 M km3 / 0.024 M miles3
PopulationAbout 4,000 on scientific bases in the short summer 1,000 total in winter, around 30,000-40,000 summer tourists - and this place is 1.4 x bigger than the USA! There are NO permanent residents and NEVER has been a native population.
Discovery and ExplorationAntarctica was imagined by the ancient Greeks, but not even seen until 1820.The first time anyone set foot on Antarctica was in 1821.
The first year-round occupation -overwintering - was in 1898.
The South Pole was first reached in 1911.
Climate3 factors rule in Antarctica - cold, wind and altitude. Antarctica holds the world record for each of these three things.The temperature falls as you leave the coast as the continent slopes upwards and temperature falls as you go higher.
Lowest recoded on earth - Vostok station -89.2°C / -128.6
Average summer temperature at South Pole -27.5°C / -17.5°F
Average winter temperature at South Pole -60°C / -76°F

Wind:Mawson station in Antarctica is the windiest place on earth.
Average wind speed:
37 kmh / 23 mph
Maximum recorded gust:
248.4 kmh / 154 mph
LandformsAntarctica has many landforms - it's a continent! But for the benefit of your geography teacher, here's a few main ones:
coral reef #desert
# - this is a lie
Antarctica Environment
Climate data and graphs
Antarctica Politics
Antarctica Science
Antarctica History
Adelie penguin Pygoscelis adeliaeChinstrap penguin Pygoscelis antarcticaGentoo penguin Pygoscelis papuaEmperor penguins Aptenodytes forsteriKing penguins Aptenodytes patagonica
Weddell seals  Leptonychotes weddelliSouthern Fur seal  Arctocephalus gazellaSouthern Elephant seal  Mirounga leoninaCrabeater seal  Lobodon carcinophagusLeopard Seal  Hydruga leptonyx
Marine Life
Whale species - species and lifestyle
Whaling -1  - historical perspective
Whaling -2 - why were whales caught?
Whaling in the 21st century
Whaling pictures
Whales and food webs
Krill - 
Euphausia superba
Other birds
Snow petrel   Pagrodama niveaBlue eyed shag   Phalacrocopax atricepsGiant petrel   Macronectes giganteusWandering albatross   Diomedea axulansAntarctic skua   Catharacta maccormickiCape pigeon   Sheathbill
Antarctic tern   Sterna vittata

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Irish Water Safety Awards 2013

David Butler is a graphic artist known as Ani-Thing Artist. 

David Butler receives a Community & Social Responsibility Award from Fergus O'Dowd TD Minister of State at the Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources and Environment, Community & Local Government and Breda Collins, IWS Chairman at the Irish Water Safety Association annual awards ceremony in Dublin Castle, Ireland..
Photograph: David Branigan/Oceansport

© 2013 David Branigan/Oceansport

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trinity @ The Moat Theatre this weekend, Fri 5th and Saturday 6th April 2013

I'm delighted to finally get a chance to see my film Just Ask Me translated on stage.
Trinity is Written, Directed and Performed by Allan Clarke.
He even wears the same clothes from the film :)

Droichead Nua Players 
in association with

Writer Director Actor Allan Clarke  Evelyn by Naomi Mulvany

 Adam by Niall Murphy                      Lucy by Kamila Dydyna

Read this article.

Kildare Theatre Company are delighted to announce that having competed in Castleblayney & Rathangan Drama Festivals recently, that writer/ director Allan Clarke won both Adjudicator's Awards from both festivals for writing "Trinity".
Adjudicator's awards are given solely at the discretion of the Adjudicator and in both instances both decided to give it to Allan for his writing. Allan was also nominated as Best Supporting Actor in Rathangan. Chrissie Poulter, adjudicating in Castleblayney described the play as "writing that could still be as valid in 40 or 50 years".
Also winning on the night in Rathangan was lead male actor Niall Murphy, who plays Adam, winning Best Actor.
Naomi Mulvany who plays Evelyn, was nominated for Best Actress in both Castleblayney & Rathangan. With Kamila Dydyna who plays Lucy being nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Rathangan.
Kildare Theatre Company present "Trinity"

Moat Theatre, Naas, Kildare – April 5th & 6th. 8pm

Moat Theatre: 045 883030

The Original film "Just Ask Me"

Just Ask Me... from Allan Clarke on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dumb Ways to DIE HARD

      Facebook Cover Photo.

This is a drawing I did for Irish sketch society. 
Week Three theme DIE HARD

You can join inthe fun and view the other pics here

Monday, March 18, 2013

The SHAMROCKS Leprechaun RockBand

My entry to Irish Sketch Society last week.
My original idea was a Leprechaun Rock Metal Band. I changed it last minute to a Luke Kelly trad act. 
I should have kept my original idea? Ah well there is always next week? :D

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Batman Sketch

This is a quick sketch I did for Irish sketch society. 
Week One theme Batman

You can join inthe fun and view the other pics here

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Digital Illustration Banner

This is a Digital Illustration banner for a Hoshin Kanri Project Room in Pfizer Newbridge Sept 2012.
Art Direction and Illustration by David Butler.
Printing and Exhibition by John Walshe Photo Processing Newbridge

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Duel Poster and DVD Design

Here is a poster and DVD Cover I designed for 50 LB films.
The film is a short Silent movie. 

Will Lady Kilkenny ever cross the river?
Will Sir Cod or Sir Flatbottom come to her aid? 

50 LB Films presents
         A Film by Pauric Brennan The Duel
Niamh Sexton James Cosgrave John Mulvey Music by Ronan Gorry
Edited by Pauric Brennan Makeup Artist Maria Corcoran
Stunts by James Cosgrave Produced by Peter G. O'Dwyer
        Written and Directed by Pauric Brennan

Sunday, February 17, 2013