Monday, March 9, 2009

Brian Keenan's - "from an Evil Cradling"

I have an assistant animator credit on this. I mainly did some minor inbetweens and clean up work and colour fills on the spoon scenes.

"from An Evil Cradling" 1999
7'41" 2D Animated adaptation of Brian Keenan's bestseller. Narrated by the man himself. "It is from the outset as masterful an interpretation of the source material as is possible" - Tara Brady, Film West. Directed and Produced by Andrew Kavanagh and Keith Foran. Irish Language version also available.

Taken from Chapter 7 of An Evil Cradling the true live story of Brian Keenans hostage events. The book was also mde into a film titled"Blind Flight".

Produced by Kavaleer Productions
For production notes try this link:

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