Friday, October 2, 2009

Do you want to know what the Number 1 selling toy for Christmas will be?

I recently met with this guy Michael Connolly who has created an developed an excitng product and ingenius toy which is tipped to be one of the biggest sellers this Christmas Animatazz.
From there website...
Animatazz was created in April 2007 to unlock imaginations, introduce the joys of animation and movie-making and encourage creative expression through the moving image medium.
The website is designed to entertain and engage children and to provide easy routes into animation for teaching and enjoyment both in school and at home.
Animatazz bridges digital technology with its users “hands-on” creativity in a FUN and colourful way. Our educational toy is aimed at 8-12 year olds.
In the spring of 2009 Michael went in front of the Dragons on the TV show Dragons den to pitch his innovative toy and business concept, seeking investment for the Animatazz animation kit he produced and created.
We know that it inspires and challenges the creative potential of young people.


Its universal appeal and is aimed at a world market. We have great confidence in our Animation Station and concepts for further developing these educational toys.
Our focus for this year is to make it the Number ONE toy in Ireland this Christmas, 2009.

Animatazz also provides bespoke workshops in animation, filmmaking and VJ-ing to schools, youth or social groups and the corporate sector.
It is also the ambition of Animatazz to produce films and series for TV and Cinema. Animatazz (c) 2009

Read Michaels Interview by Martin Malone. Click on the picture left to go to The Leinster Leader Interview.

 John and Edward get Tazzed !!!

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