Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We've Got Balls FB header


The New Irish Feature Film I'm working on has just released this Teaser Facebook Header.

What's The Story?
Misguided, and a little selfish, could best describe Robert’s reasons to win back his ex-girlfriend Emma. But with the aid of his best mate, Stephen he ends up in his local – the refuge of the heartbroken Irish male, so it would seem. So amidst the booze and the girls, a plan is hatched among his friends to win Emma back.

With Emma working as a sports journalist, covering an American Football tournament in Ireland, it is the perfect vehicle for the lads to get Robert back in with Emma. However, they do not realise that this might be more work than they realise. And worse still, the quarterback from the American team has set his sights on the lovely Emma too. The race is on, get a team together, beat the Americans at their own game and win Emma back. As Robert comments “It’s like Rugby, but with pads! How hard can it be, right?”

You can follow the films progress on
It is Directed by my good friend Pauric Brennan for 50 lb Films


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