Friday, June 3, 2016

Shackleton's Great Escape Amazon review Seb Coulthard

Thank David, great book! You weren't's beautifully illustrated and I love the way it brings the story home...literally...another fine book for my collection. Amazon review to go up soon! Cheers shipmate!!

Format: Paperback
This is a wonderfully illustrated book that takes you on a journey back in time to an age when men were made
of iron and sailed in little wooden boats. Sir Ernest Shackleton's great escape from Antarctica captured in a 93
 beautifully caricatured pages: the greatest journey of polar survival, the daring exploits of 28 men, an inspiring
tale of men facing adversity against unimaginable odd...what makes it even more amazing is that it is based on
true events! Seldom do you come across a story which can paint a thousand words, seldom do you encounter
such camaraderie, the kind of story which makes you realize how small we are in comparison to the vastness
of nature! This book recounts a story about endurance, duty, loyalty, optimism, resilience and heroism.
Shackleton and his men forced nature to bend to their will, the most powerful kind of will, that of survival.
David Butler is an exceptionally talented illustrator and I can't wait to see what he will produce next?
Lawrence of Arabia? Mutiny on the Bounty? George Mallory & Everest?


In January 2013, the 'Shackleton Epic' team, which was setup at the behest of The Hon. Alexandra 
Shackleton, became the first people in history to faithfully recreate Sir Ernest Shackleton's small 
boat voyage across the Southern Ocean - remarkably they did so with precisely the same equipment 
as Shackleton himself. From the clothing to the boat, the sextant, the reindeer skin blankets, and of 
course the starvation diet.

Sailor, Engineer and Adventurer Seb Coulthard is an accomplished explorer with future aspirations 
to lead expeditions to Antarctica, Iceland, Greenland, Jordan, Mount Everest and the South Pacific 

recipient of the Royal Institute of Navigation Certificate of Achievement, and a joint Royal 
Yachting Association and Union Internationale Motonautique  powerboat world record holder.


Seb was our inspiration for Tim McCarthy

Left: Seb-wearing-his-windproof-smock-over-a-North-Sea-Clothing-expedition-jumper-with-Swedish-balaclava-Wolsey-lambswool-beanie-hat-fingerless-gloves-by
Right: Irish Antarctic explorer Tim McCarthy (Kinsale Co. Cork)

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